Apocalypse Dudes - Turbonegro (Norway)

Label:Blitzcore Records
Mans Ruin Records
Highlights:The Age Of Pamparius
Selfdestructo Bust
Rock Against Ass
Donít Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
Humiliation Street

Rating: 10/10

Apocalypse Dudes, the final studio album by legendary Norwegian punk rock band Turbonegro, is a loosely based autobiographical tale about a bunch of denim clad punks known as the ĎApocolypse Dudesí. Looking at the photos of the band, it is hard to believe that they can create such kick-ass music. Lead singer Hank Von Helvete looks like a truly scary Alice Cooper while the rest of the band are glammed up in denim like some twisted cousins of the Village People. Yet the music is a powerful combination of The Who, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, New York Dolls and the MC5. My favourite song is the epic Age Of Pampirus, which is about baking pizzas of all things. This is followed by the exhilarating Selfdestructo Bust and more melodic Rock Against Ass, both of which are also excellent. Other songs like Donít Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker, Rendezvous With Anus and Good Head prove that perhaps there is room for humour in music if it is played as well as this.

These days Turbonegro are known as forerunners of the current Scandinavian invasion and undoubtably were a major influence on the direction taken by bands like The Hellacopters and Gluecifier. However, none of these bands have songs like Rendezvous With Anus and Are You Ready (For Some Darkness), which for better or worse, makes Turbonegro unique. Put simply, there is no other band quite like Turbonegro.

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